She has implemented online scheduling, where litigants can select a date and time for a hearing without the necessity of waiting on communication from Court staff as to availability. The online scheduler allows parties to obtain preferential settings from 10-minute approaches to 3-hour hearings.  Obtaining preferential settings at your convenience has allowed parties and attorneys to save time and money.  

She has implemented and kept expediated virtual dockets.  The virtual docket has allowed litigants to approach the Court without having to drive to the courthouse, pay for parking, and sit in a Courtroom for hours.  This has reduced the cost of attorney’s fees for many parties. 

She has implemented the use of prove-up of uncontested cases by affidavit or unsworn declaration. 

She has created a prove-up/uncontested docket for Spanish-speakers.  If the parties have an agreement and do not speak English, Judge Lopez allows the parties to approach the Court without a translator to finalize their divorce in Spanish. This has saved litigants interpreter fees, time, and reduced their anxiety about approaching the Court.

She has implemented a submission docket, where certain motions are considered by submission (without oral argument).  This has allowed for more motions to be ruled on each day and saved parties time and money (as they were not required to drive to the courthouse to argue a motion in person).